i Aspire - Teen Devotions


Barbour Publishing Inc

Paper Back Book


iAspire to Know God.
iAspire to Serve Others.
iAspire to Be the Best I Can Be.

You want your life to matter, and iAspire Teen Devotions encourages you to aspire to greatness—God’s best for your life. A companion to Barbour’s iAspire Teen Study Bible, this brand-new collection addresses 101 topics vital to Christian living, with entries such as

  • iAspire to Know God
  • iAspire to Pray
  • iAspire to Encourage
  • iAspire to Good Stewardship
  • iAspire to Love My Enemies

Written especially for 13–18-year-olds, these meditations offer you needed guidance for living. And each entry concludes with references for further study, plus basic instruction on how you can properly interpret scripture for yourself.

You aspire to great things. Make the first thing knowing God through His Word!


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