Jesus Loves Me This I Know



Compact Disk


Here is a collection of favourite songs and hymns especially produced for young children (0-5 years). Playing folk guitar, Frank McConnell invites children to sing along, join in actions and even make up their own verses! An ideal resource for children's groups, home, or in the car, parents and grandparents will appreciate these arrangements which keep the sound fresh, even after repeated listening!


1. God Told Noah to Build an Arky
2. Jesus' Love is Very Wonderful.
3. Peter and John Went to Pray.
4. My God is so Big
5. My God is so Bog (You Join In)
6. If I Were a Butterfly.
7. Jesus Loves Me This I Know.
8. I am so Glad that our Father in Heaven.
9. Have You Heard the Raindrops.
10. Joy is the Flag Flown High.
11. Thank You Lord for this Fine Day.
12. Thank You Lord (you choose!)
13. Jesus Loves the Little Children.
14. The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock.
15. Jesus Bids Us Shine.
16. Jesus' Hands were Kind Hands.
17. Have You Seen the Pussy Cat.
18. Father Lead Me Day by Day.
19. Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man.
20. Wide, Wide as the Ocean.
21. Jesus Friend of Little Children.
22. Jesus Tender Shepherd Hear Me


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