KJV Journaling Bible with Prompts [Copper Leaf]


Barbour Publishing Inc

Paper Back Book


Capture your own
reflections and expressions
alongside the time-tested King James text.

Barbour’s KJV Journaling Bible with Prompts is a big, handsome book featuring ample writing space. It provides a refreshing way for you to interact with and meditate on God’s Word.

Printed on high-quality paper and ideal for any media, the KJV Journaling Bible with Prompts provides you with a blank canvas for:
  • study notes
  • prayer requests
  • word art
  • doodling
  • even coloring
 Use this Bible in any way that draws you closer to the author, our amazing God. Other features include:
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • In-Text Subject Headings
  • Book-by-Book Summaries
The KJV Journaling Bible with Promptscan become a powerful keepsake of your own spiritual journey.


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