Magnifying Sheet : 65 X 185mm


Christian Art Gifts



Keep a Pocket Bookmark Magnifying Sheet in your Bible to enlarge the print and make it easier to read God's Word. 

The thin and flexible magnifying sheet can enlarge print up to 150 %, just hold it about 4 inches from the image you want to magnify.

Leaving this thin Pocket Bookmark Magnifying Sheet in your Bible or a favorite book will not damage the spine or pages because it is ultra-thin and flexible and very convenient. Use it to inspect small print on a contract, medicine leaflet, or map. 

Add a Pocket Bookmark Magnifying Sheet to a gift bag for an older friend recovering from illness, add one to a stocking stuffer or slip it into an outreach Bible for an older person. 

  • Magnifying Sheet 
  • Handy Bookmark Size 
  • Flexible and Thin 
  • Magnifies up to 150 % 
  • Doubles as Bookmark 
  • Packaged in Self-seal Bag 
  • Size: 7.25" x 2.5" x 0.01" (185 x 65 x 2mm)


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