Magnifying Sheet - Page Size (180 x 260mm)


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Magnifying sheets are a handy tool for people with vision challenges to quickly read passage without having to search for their glasses.  The Full Page View Magnifying Sheet allows you to look at a whole page in one glance.

Magnifying sheets are ideal for reading or inspecting small print or images. It might help you see what might otherwise be hidden between the lines. 

Our magnifying sheets are thin and flexible and can magnify uptp 150 %!  Simply hold the page sized magnifying sheet about 4 inches above a page to magnify letters or images to a size you can easily read. No more eye straining when you use the reading magnifier to read a small print Bible, cookbook or even map!

Our Full Page View Magnifying Sheets are thin enough to be left between the pages of a book without causing it to bulge - doubling as a bookmark!  Our magnifying sheets come in three convenient sizes: full page, pocket and bookmark.

Add a Full Page View Magnifying Sheet to your gift bag whenever you give a book or Bible as a gift to someone who has vision challenges.


  • Magnify Letter-sized Page 
  • Magnifies Up to 150 %
  • Doubles as Bookmark
  • Packaged in Self-seal Bag
  • Size: 10.25" x 7.1" x 0.01" (260 x 180 x 2mm)


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