No More Mind Games (Joseph Prince)


Joseph Prince Ministries

Paper Back Book


Depression can immobilize you and cause you to believe destructive lies. It can strip you of hope and open the door to dark, suicidal thoughts. If you are battling overwhelming discouragement and struggling to find a reason to live, this book was written for you.

Discover how you are not alone, not without help, and why you can come out of the valley stronger. God loves you deeply and is even now working behind the scenes to cause all things to work together for your good.

In No More Mind Games, find practical keys to help you break free from anxiety and despair, and learn truths that will impart strength and hope to you. Come to know a Savior who is your present help, who comes to you in the midst of your storm. Don’t give up. The battle is the Lord’s, and your victory is found in Him!


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