Pearlized White Faux Leather KJV My Creative Bible


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The Pearlized White Faux Leather KJV My Creative Bible perfectly fuses timeless elegance and contemporary flair to bring you the classic King James text in a beautiful new coloring format, inviting you to embark on a journey of deep reflection and personal growth.


The front of the pearlized white faux leather cover is adorned with three large floral bouquets delicately traced with a raised black outline, creating an irresistible textural sensation that engages your sense of touch. The title is centered on the front cover and is hemmed in by a thin yellow frame that is outlined in black.


My Creative Bible

 King James Version


To create a harmonious composition, the floral bouquet design is repeated on the back cover. The raised black outline is expertly applied to this bouquet and also accents the spine title and version reference. The addition of salmon pink sprayed page edges and two ribbon markers, one in white and one in pink, create a cohesive aesthetic that seamlessly ties together the overall look and feel of the Bible.


The Bible offers many creative opportunities with its generous two-inch wide margins bordering the single-column formatted text. These wide margins provide ample space for doodles, notes, or drawings, allowing you to personalize your Bible and engage in artistic expressions alongside the text. If doodling is not for you, 400 hand-drawn line-art illustrations are thoughtfully placed throughout the pages, ready for you to color. You can bring these illustrations to life using a pencil, crayon, or pastels to add vibrant colors and decorative elements to the pages. The lay-flat spine design makes coloring right to the edge effortless, ensuring no artistic detail is lost. The Bible features a standard 8.65 pt. type, ensuring optimal readability.


Experience a fresh perspective on Bible reading as you engage with Scripture in a vibrant and creative manner. The combination of stunning illustrations and your own artistic interpretations of Bible verses will breathe new life into the timeless Classic King James text. The Bible features the 1769 text that showcases language that reflects the age.


Delight your beloved grandmother, whose heart is captivated by Scripture, with the perfect birthday gift – the Pearlized White Faux Leather KJV My Creative Bible. Or, wrap it as a heartwarming Christmas gift for a dear friend who finds joy in creative expression. The Pearlized White Faux Leather KJV My Creative Bible is a treasure that will hold a special place in her heart.


  • Pearlized white cover with floral design 
  • Raised black outline
  • White faux leather 
  • Coloring Bible 
  • Flexcover 
  • Salmon-pink sprayed page edges 
  • Lay-flat spine 
  • 1404 pages 
  • 2 attached ribbon page markers 
  • Complete 1769 KJV text 
  • Single-column format 
  • Standard text size - 8.65 pt. type 
  • 2-inch wide margins 
  • One-color interior 
  • Black letter text on quality cream Bible paper 
  • 300+ full or partial-page hand-drawn Scripture illustrations 
  • Index of designed Scripture verses 
  • Packaged in a cardboard sleeve 
  • Size: 8.2" x 6.5" x 1.8" (208 x 165 x 46mm)



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