Renew My Heart: Daily Devotions From the Works of John Wesley


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There’s plenty of cotton candy for the mind and spirit.
Here’s a nourishing meal.

Enduring Voices books offer time-tested insights into God, scripture, and the Christian experience. In Renew My Heart, you’ll find 365 powerful readings drawn from the many works of English theologian and evangelist John Wesley (1703–1791), who founded the “Methodist” movement in pursuit of holy living

Though he lived in the eighteenth century, John Wesley has much to say to Christians of the twenty-first. His extensive collection of sermons and other writings encourages a fully committed, deeply personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as evidenced by the titles of the sermons referenced in Renew My Heart:

  • “Salvation by Faith”
  • “The Witness of the Spirit”
  • “The Great Privilege of Those That Are Born of God”
  • “Self-Denial”
  • and many more

Each entry in Renew My Heart has been lightly updated for modern style. Read on to find the substance your soul craves.


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