The Daughters of the Mayflower: Defenders


Barbour Publishing Inc

Paper Back Book



3 Early American Adventures Mixed with Intrigue and Romance
Join the adventure through history, intrigue, romance, and family legacy as the Daughters of the Mayflower series begins with three epic novels.
ThePatriot Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse
Faith Jackson and Matthew Weber are both working covertly to aid the Patriot cause. But will they be willing to sacrifice all for their fledgling country?
The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear
Thomas Bledsoe and Kate Gruener are traveling the Wilderness Road when the mounting conflict between natives and settlers will require each of them to tap into a well of courage.
The Liberty Bride by MaryLu Tyndall
Lieutenant Owen Masters and Emeline Baratt meet on a British warship as sworn enemies. Where will Emeline place her loyalties when forced to spy against her country?



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