Untroubled : A Devotional Journal for Finding Calm in a Chaotic World


Barbour Publishing Inc

Paper Back Book


Today's world is churning with turmoil. . .and now, more than ever, you long for a sense of calm in your chaotic days.

Whether you worry about your children, work, your relationships, the troubles of the world, or something more, God is ever present and faithful to give you the peace you need to be Untroubled A Devotional Journal for Finding Calm in a Chaotic World. Featuring more than 100 devotional readings plus inspiring prayers and scripture selections, this delightful journal will encourage you to spend purposeful, one-on-one time with your loving heavenly Creator. Untroubled: A Devotional Journal for Finding Calm in a Chaotic World will refresh and renew your spirit, filling your soul with the peace and comfort that only God can provide--today and for all your days to come!


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